On device PFM

Financial fitness as an SDK

No backend setup needed - fast, secure, easy to use - for developers by developers

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We provide businesses on device AI software for financial data analysis and credit evaluation


Standalone PFM solutions come at a cost that is unpredictable, non-scalable, irrelevant because of being impersonal and most importantly unsafe because data usually leaves the organisations’ firewall


An on device PFM hyper personalised to each individual, 100% distributed and safer than your mobile app with immediate prototype to market

Use cases

Our AI software is part of your mobile app, hyper local, always on, safe, instantly scalable, use cases out of the box

Financial fitness tracker
Financial fitness tracker
Credit health
Credit health
Fraud detection
Fraud detection

Our products

Edge AI

Edge AI

On device AI model to learn user Preferences & transaction classification.
A $10 purchase at 7Eleven is not the same for all

Bud AI

Bud AI

Powerful budget flows: Zero budgets and conventional budgets out of the box

Zen AI

Zen AI

Keep your users focused on their financial health through intimate sports fitness like scores based on their spending, saving and budgeting habits

Download the demo app and get a better sense of the SDK in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I run into problems installing the SDK?

Please first start with visiting installation guides. If it hasn’t solved your problem then please read the documentation. If this still hasn’t helped then please email us at support@carrotlabs.tech

Can I speak to someone?

We offer personalised service for enterprise accounts only. Please feel to reach out to us here (due to high traffic our turnaround time can be about 1 week

Do I need the Personalised Edge AI to deploy the Zen AI in the product build?

Yes, the Zen AI is heavily dependent on the Personalised Edge AI

Do I need the Personalised Edge AI to deploy the Bud AI in the product build?

Yes, the Bud AI is heavily dependent on the Personalised Edge AI

How long would it take to deploy the SDK’s?

This of course depends from product to product. However, we have designed the SDK’s to work out of the box without any further intervention from our side. The time to production is left entirely in your control

Is my customer data secure?

The safety and security of your user data is entirely in your control. The SDK’s do not collect any data - specific or anonymised. The data flows in and out of the SDK’s through well defined API endpoints which are left visible to you to control and monitor at all times

Where is the actual analysis and categorisation happening?

The SDK’s are on-device ONLY. This means all the analysis and insights are generated on the device itself. This approach allows you to:
1. Know your user intimately and
2. Deliver magical user experiences that are not only timely but also relevant

Will I have access to all the insights, budgets, categorisations, financial health scores?


Do you have a money back policy?

We do not offer refunds

Can I see a demo?

Yes, head over to the App Store or Google Play and download the demo app

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